Geometry Videos -Over 32 Hours- 49 Topics

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This video is designed to help students master skills in

geometry. These skills will prepare a student for college algebra,

trigonometry and other math courses. Geometry can be

intimidating because of the use of diagrams. This video

approaches the course by solving numerous problems in an easy

to follow logic and the diagrams become a student’s friend in

solving the problems. The course is thorough in the topics

covered as well as in how the topics are covered. Some of the

topics covered in this video include measurement and types of

angles, logic statements, complimentary and supplementary

angles, congruent triangles, overlapping triangles, Pythagorean

Theorem and more. Using this video will help a student to

succeed in this course; the video is a great aid to mastering



Topics in Geometry Videos-Over 32 Hours-49 Topics

  1. Getting Started
  2. Measurement and Types of Angles
  3. Beginning Proofs
  4. Division of Segments and Angles
  5. Logic Statements
  6. Perpendicularity
  7. Complementary and Supplementary Angles
  8. Drawing Conclusions
  9. Addition and Subtraction Properties
  10. Multiplication and Division Properties
  11. Transitive and Substitution Properties
  12. Vertical Angles
  13. Three Ways to Prove Congruent Triangles
  14. CPCTAC
  15. Overlapping Triangles
  16. Types of Triangles
  17. Angle Side Theorem
  18. Hy-Leg Theorem
  19. Detours and Midpoints
  20. Proofs Without a Diagram
  21. Right Angle Theorem
  22. The Equidistant Theorems
  23. Intro to Parallel Lines
  24. Slopes
  25. Indirect Proofs
  26. Proving that a Quadrilateral is a Parallelogram
  27. Triangle Application Theorems
  28. AAS-AAS
  29. No-Choice Theorem
  30. Polygon and Regular Polygon Formulas
  31. Pythagorean Theorem
  32. Distance Formula
  33. Circles
  34. Congruent Chords
  35. Arcs of a Circle
  36. Secants and Tangents
  37. Angles Related to Circles
  38. Inscribed and Circumscribed Polygons
  39. Power Theorems
  40. Circumference and Arc Length
  41. Area
  42. Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
  43. Area of a Trapezoid
  44. Area of a Kites
  45. Area of Circles and Sectors
  46. Hero's and Brahmagupta's Formulas
  47. Locus
  48. Compound Locus
  49. Basic and Triangle Construction

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